Chimney Removal in Elm Park

Chimney removal experts supporting London, Essex, Kent, and the South East are Boom Chimney Services.

Chimney Removal Elm Park

Chimney Stack Removal in Elm Park

Boom Chimney Services is a well-known provider of chimney stack removal, chimney support, and Chimney breast removal in Elm Park. You can be guaranteed that structural problems with your property will be fixed affordably and with little hassle thanks to chimney breast removal.

Removal of the chimney: If the chimney is no longer necessary because the chimney breasts have been removed, the chimney top can be taken off all the way to the roof.

Chimney breast removal - If a chimney breast is no longer needed, you can remove it totally, partially, or from one or more rooms. However, you must still provide adequate support for the remaining chimney breast and chimney stack.

Chimney Removal Elm Park
Chimney Breast Removal Elm Park
remove chimey breast Elm Park
cost to remove Chimney Elm Park

Need a Chimney Removal in Elm Park?

Removal of the fireplace - If you no longer use the fireplace, you can also remove the chimney breast to which it is linked.

Removal of the chimney stack is an option if the chimney breast has already been removed or is no longer in use. The roof can then be sealed and closed.

Gallows brackets must adhere to building code requirements if you need to use them to support the chimney breast and chimney stack after part or all of the chimney breast has been removed.

Steel Beam - If you need to maintain the remaining chimney breast and chimney stack after removing some or all of the chimney breast, they must comply with building code standards.

Chimney Removal Elm Park
remove Chimney in Elm Park

Remove a wall if you want to make room for an open-plan living area or take down an interior or load-bearing wall to make a through lounge.

In order to provide heat, many older homes were built with fireplaces in each room. The requirement for fireplaces has been superseded by central heating, and the chimney breast is now considered to be unused floor space. The elimination of the fireplace and chimney can greatly expand the size of the room, despite the fact that a fireplace does serve as a main point in the space.

Choose carefully since removing a chimney breast is not something a novice builder should do. Boom Chimney Services has the expertise and greatest capacity to handle such work, relieving the client of the tension and load. We offer the whole package. Following the initial meeting, we will give our structural engineer instructions to visit the site. He will make notes, compile structural calculations, and create a drawing outlining the proposed work. The local authorities will subsequently receive a building notice application from us along with any other necessary documentation. Building construction can start 48 hours after an offer has been approved.

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