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We adore wood stoves. They can be a wonderful focal point for a family home.

Wood Burning Stoves

They look great, keep your house warm, and burn wood efficiently, which is good for the environment. Simply get in touch if you want a stove installed.

We sell and install wood burner stoves

We market and set up multifuel and wood-burning stoves. We collaborate with a variety of distributors so we can provide you with a quote on a variety of stoves. And if you want some unbiased advice, just give us a call, and we'll let you know what to watch out for.

Wood burner stove maintenance

Even though a properly maintained stove shouldn't require much maintenance, it is advised that you have the chimney swept at least once a year, and more frequently if you use your stove frequently, at least once every six months. Some homeowners' insurance policies demand this. Give us a call and we'll set up a time for us to clean your chimney.

How we work

Installations of wood stoves typically take one to three days. If your fireplace already exists and the installation is simple, it might only take us a few hours—we might even be done before you get home from work.

If we need to perform building work as part of the job, it will take a little longer. A new hearth may be built, bricks from the fireplace may be removed, gas fires may be removed, chimneys may be uncapped, or twin wall flue systems may be installed.

Defra and smoke control areas

The city of is an official smoke control zone. This means that only stoves that have received Defra approval for smoke controlled zones may be used to burn wood. Defra stoves burn wood efficiently, causing less pollution in the process. The majority of stove producers offer Defra products. Please get in touch if you'd like more details or assistance selecting a stove.

Log Burner
Stove installer
Stove installer
Wood Burner Installer

Need a Wood Burner Installer?

Oakleaf langley 5kw multifuel freestanding stove

The traditionally designed Oakleaf Langley 5kW Multifuel Freestanding Stove was designed with the smaller room in mind and is made to fit neatly into a typical builder's opening. The Langley introduces conventional form with a modern vibe.

A contemporary-looking model that can be used in both conventional and contemporary settings. The slider's controllability enables the Langley 5kW to provide complete control over the primary air intake.

Product Features

  • Defra approved
  • Stunning large glass flame picture
  • Top & Rear Outlet
  • Flue Draught Test Point
  • British design
  • Versatile contemporary style
  • Certified/Tested to European Standards (BS EN 13240)
  • Steel Body & Cast iron Door
Log Burner
Stove installer
Wood Burner Installer
Stove installer
Log Burning Stove Installer

log Burner Installation

Installation services for wood stoves in. We have experienced installers for various types of stoves who work with us from start to finish, from the initial survey to the measurements and final installation.

We offer a range of stoves to our customers in, including gas stoves, wood stoves, inset stoves, etc. We can provide a full range of services as a supplier, including design concepts, delivery, measurements, and installations. We also offer a variety of upkeep and repair services. Our experts can create a special stove for your needs if you need a custom stove design.

Modern, contemporary, and antique designs are among the effective, simple-to-use, and varied styles. Every project for installing a stove in includes a range of services, such as chimney flue cleaning and inspection, full chimney testing (smoke, draw, and pressure test), flue inspection, and flue liner fitting. The repairs can protect your investments for years to come and these installations are completed with the highest level of service. You are in good hands thanks to the skilled and knowledgeable installers in.

We put in wood, gas, and solid fuel appliances as well as fireplaces, stoves, flue liners, and other things. We promise that the installation in your house complies with all building codes. We only employ the best specialists with the necessary training, expertise, and experience to complete installations and repairs. We only hire Gas safety registered engineers with extensive training and experience to handle both simple and complex gas servicing tasks. All of these things are done while observing safety regulations and utilising cutting-edge machinery.

Please email or call us with some basic information about the fireplace and some images, and we will respond. We have a reputation for being's most dependable wood burning stove installers.

Log Burning Stove - Wood Burner Installer

Stove Bundle Packs

Log Burning Stove

Langley 5KW - £2320

The Langley 5KW multifuel stove has a stylish design and large viewing window, making it a perfect match for both traditional and modern interior decor.

Supplied and Fitted No VAT.

Log Burning Stove

Farrow 5KW - £2140

The Farrow is an impressive addition to any home looking for a stylish and efficient heating option. This stove is designed to burn a variety of fuels, including wood, approved solid fuels, and smokeless fuels, making it a versatile choice for homeowners.

Supplied and Fitted No VAT.

Log Burning Stove

Handale 5KW - £2320

The Handale 5KW multifuel stove boasts a traditional and clean design perfect to compliment any room, whilst keeping traditional and conventional setting in mind.

Supplied and Fitted No VAT.

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