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Chimney Guards, Pots & Cowl installation

Boom Service offers a variety of chimney pots, cowls, and bird guards for sale and installation. A new chimney pot can be necessary if you don't already have one or if the one you do have is broken or outdated. We can supply these in a variety of sizes, and whenever possible, we will use roof ladders to access the chimneystack, reducing the need for expensive access equipment and/or scaffolding.

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Chimney Pot installation

Need a Chimney Guard, Pot or Cowl Installation?

You might want to think about putting a cowl/bird guard if you want to keep rain, birds, and squirrels from getting to the flue. To accommodate varied customer preferences, we provide a large selection of cowls. Where stoves and fireplaces are in use, installing a cowl is very beneficial. Their main purpose is to stop birds from building nests in the chimney flue and water from entering the chimney and creating dampness. By having an anti-downdraft cowl or even a spinning cowl to encourage updraught fitted, you can also aid in limiting and/or avoiding downdraught.

These are put at the top of chimneys to stop nesting, guard against rain, stop down draughts, guard against obstructions that cause carbon monoxide issues, or protect abandoned chimneys from vermin and/or birds.

It's crucial to use the appropriate cage, cowl, or cap. Our team will evaluate your situation's needs and offer the best type based on their years of experience.

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Typically, our team will be able to give you price recommendations and show you example cowls in their vans. The location of the property, the kind and quantity of cowls or cages needed, as well as any potential access issues, all have an impact on the cost. Before we can give you a price quote, we need to examine where the chimney is located.

Depending on where your home is located in relation to its surroundings and the types of cowls and terminals that suit a chimney pot, you may have a chimney that down draughts. If you try to start a fire, this can be quite bothersome and dangerous (cold air coming down your chimney).

Different anti-downdraft cowls exist that potentially solve this issue. In extreme circumstances, an electric fan can be installed, however some cowls spin in the wind. Birds nesting in your chimney can be a serious issue in some regions. A Jackdaw or rook is typically the primary offender.

They typically shove it down your chimney using twigs and other debris. Naturally, this will obstruct your chimney and keep you from using it. Long-term storage may cause the chimney to grow moist and attract pests. A bird guard can be installed once the nest is dismantled to prevent any birds from entering the chimney. Rain and water intrusion via the chimney pot can damage some chimneys. To fix this, there are several different cowls available. It is possible to cap an abandoned chimney.

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